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By Dana Corddry

Summer is in the air, and after a long cold winter of wearing Covid masks, we’re taking our first few steps toward resuming our normal lives. One perk of picking up where we left off? Cosmetic treatments! The cosmetics industry experienced a notable surge in demand as Covid case numbers began to decline, with many clients requesting appointments months in advance for a facelift, neck lift, blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery, and more. As the masks come off, and Zoom continues to be the most frequently used mode of communication for those still working from home, many are making the life enhancing choice to self-care by indulging in both surgical and non-surgical treatment options alike, to boost their self-confidence as we head into the Summer season.

“I feel like my friends haven’t seen me in practically a year!” Says Louise M. of Colorado Springs, CO. “Now that we can finally get together again, I want to look amazing!” Louise recently opted for an eyelid surgery (medical term: Blepharoplasty to treat her droopy eyelids, as well as the MyEllevate® procedure, a minimally invasive option that delivers immediate results that mimic a neck lift without requiring the downtime, here at Springs Aesthetics, a plastic surgery and medical spa, in Colorado Springs.

“I knew absolutely nothing about what a Blepharoplasty was,” says Louise, “I could hardly pronounce it – but I am so pleased with my results. When I look in the mirror now, I feel relieved that I finally did something about my droopy eyelids, they’d bothered me for years”.


Many patients like Louise try many skincare solutions or topical products first to address the signs of aging, and ultimately, when these products just don’t do the job, they seek out a qualified plastic surgeon and come to us at Springs Aesthetics. Dr. John Burroughs, a graduate of the highly selective F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine at The Uniformed Services University in Maryland, and Founder of Springs Aesthetics, says that he often sees patients who have tried everything, and spent thousands of dollars, before deciding they want to see a plastic surgeon. “Typically, after everything is said and done, the feedback I hear most often is: ‘I just wish I’d done this years ago,’” says Burroughs, whose clients have most recently been opting for non-invasive facelifts or neck lift procedures such as MyEllevate, and the Blepharoplasty procedure that his client Louise selected.

A blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery that tightens and/or removes the tissue of the upper and lower eyelid. “A Blepharoplasty is something that I recommend for patients wanting to remove or reduce excess loose skin or visible bags around the eyes,” Dr. Burroughs explains. An eyelid surgery can tighten skin, visibly reducing the appearance and existence of droopy eyelids, a frequent complaint of Burroughs’ middle-aged clients. “Facelifts are a specialty of mine, so we get a lot of clients who travel here from all over the country for a facelift or a neck lift,” he notes, “MyEllevate is a great option to be able to offer my clients who may want to address their neck, but who may not have the time for a long recovery.”

Kyra, another local Colorado Springs resident, raves about Dr. Burroughs and Springs Aesthetics. “I’ve been behind this [covid] mask for a long time. I have a lot of friends who haven’t been doing as much upkeep, and people are getting more lax about wearing makeup to work, etc., but for me, I just feel better when I take care of myself in that way. I received the MyEllevate procedure from Dr. Burroughs at Springs Aesthetics and fixing my neck has given me that pep in my step”. Kyra says that receiving the MyEllevate procedure at Springs Aesthetics gave her an edge on looking her best, when all the masks come off. “I’m using this time to my advantage – give me all the treatments I can get, until these masks come off!” Kyra says.

Springs Aesthetics MyEllevate

Perhaps for residents of Colorado Springs, the elusive fountain of youth has arrived – albeit disguised as a temporary respite from the daily grind, and a lovely medical spa called Springs Aesthetics.

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