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Dr. Burroughs offers the novel suspension neck lift that was developed by a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Dr. Burroughs is one of only a handful of surgeons in the US to have been trained in this amazing procedure. Springs Aesthetics offers MyEllevate™ neck and face lift for men and women in Colorado Springs, South Denver, Castle Rock and other areas of Colorado.

What Can The MyEllevate™ Lift Do For My Neck?
MyEllevate™ is great for patients that through diet, exercise and skin care have not been able to rid themselves of unwanted neck fat and sagging from family genetics or aging. This procedure lifts the sagging tissues below the chin and jawline to smooth the neck profile. It even helps when the neck is flexed whereupon the so called “double chin” or “selfie chin” displeasing appearance is exacerbated. The large vertical neck bands (“platysmal bands”) and bulging the submandibular glands can also be improved.

How Does The MyEllevate™ Neck Lift Work?
MyEllevate™ uses a suture suspension system placed in anatomic manner to lift and tighten the underlying muscles, fat, and glands of the neck without surgically opening the area. There are no outside skin sutures needed as the suspension matrix is placed through small punctures that heal well on their own. The placement of the suture suspension in this net hammock-like pattern results in a more youthful and aesthetically ideal contour of the underlying muscles and glands creating a significantly more sculpted jawline and neck.

How Is The MyEllevate™ Procedure Performed?
A patterned series of small punctures are made below the jawline, followed by the use of a fiberoptic lighted rod (basically, a lighted needle and thread) that sews or laces the muscles together. This lighted rod helps to guide Dr. Burroughs during the procedure for optimal suspension suture placement.

There are no incisions made or skin removal. The supportive, strong, and permanent braided polyester suture simply acts to firmly support the underlying muscles, glands, and fat beneath the skin firmly keeping them lifted and in place. The MyEllevate™ neck treatments performed by Dr. Burroughs typically take about an hour in the office setting under local anesthesia. Oral or IV sedation that can be supplemented with laughing gas during the numbing of the tissues is all that is required for comfort.

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