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Frown lines develop in the upper part of your face and make you look angry and tired all the time. Dr. John Burroughs and our nurse injector Melissa (MK) of Springs Aesthetics offer Botox® for men and women in Colorado Springs, South Denver, Castle Rock and other areas of Colorado. With over 20 years experience in ophthalmic plastic surgery, Dr. Burroughs travels around the world, teaching injection best practices and techniques.  Melissa has been trained by Dr. Burroughs, additionally certified as a nurse injector, and regularly attends cosmetic symposia to keep improving upon her artistry.

What Is Botox®?

Botox® injections are recommended for frown lines, a series of dynamic wrinkles that are formed by your facial expressions. Frown lines may appear as horizontal indentations across your forehead or vertical lines between your eyes. Botox® is also useful to treat crow’s feet, fine lines, lip lines, “frown face,” neck lines, and other areas.  Botox was the first to market, and physicians (starting with ophthalmologists) used this botulinum neuromodulator to help patients with uncontrollable facial/eyelid spasms and other eye muscle problems to great success.  In the 90’s its cosmetic benefits really took off, and neuromodulator wrinkle blocker injections are the number one performed procedures worldwide.  Botox®, by Allergan, is a fantastic botulinum with a long track record, but it is not the only excellent botulinum available anymore.  It has become in many ways like the generic name of Kleenex for facial tissues or Xerox for copiers.  Other excellent botulinum wrinkle blockers include Xeomin® and Dysport®.  They largely have similar properties.

Are All Botulinum Wrinkle Blockers Equal?

All of the botulinum “wrinkle blockers” have similar properties with excellent wrinkle blocking properties.  More important than the brand of wrinkle blocker injected is actually the injector and their anatomy knowledge and ability to visualize artistically ideal dosing and sites to be injected.  Botulinum injections require very artistic eye, and are not simple “cookie cutter” medical procedures.  Each of the wrinkle blockers are botulinum serotype A, and have only minor variations of the protein on the molecule.  Most injectors dose Botox® and Xeomin®the same.  Dysport® tends to have a quicker onset and larger spread but may not last as long.  Dysport® is excellent for crows feet and upper forehead wrinkles where a larger spread of effect is very beneficial.  In head to head studies Xeomin® has been found to have equal efficacy to Botox®, and for certain patients even superior.  Xeomin® is more “pure” without the proteins the other botulinums have, so building up resistance seems to be less of a factor than Botox® and the others.  If resistance does start to develop then higher doses become necessary, and some patients benefit with a switch to Dysport® from the others.  Over many years of wrinkle blocker use previous wrinkles really soften when repeat injections are maintained.  The muscles causing the wrinkles are impeded while injections impede their wrinkling of the skin.   Older, longer present wrinkles won’t completely be eliminated as there is dermal, subdermal damage to the skin that wrinkle blockers cannot “erase.”

How Does Botox® Work?

Botox® and other botulinum neuromodulators work at the microscopic nerve muscle junctions by impairing release of a neurochemical (acetylcholine) from crossing the junction and allowing the focal muscle fibers to contract.  The effects are reversible over time as the affected portion of the neuro-muscular junction rebuilds, which is why you have to repeat injections usually every 3-4 months to maintain results.

Are Botox® Injections Safe?

Botox® and other legal-FDA approved botulinum neuromodulators are very safe and have been used for over 30 years for various medical uses that keep expanding to include: migraines, excessive sweating, MS and muscle spasm disorders, disabling eyelid spasms, excessive tearing, and certain forms of double vision (strabismus).  Botulinum injections should not be given to ALS, Eaton Lambert, Myasthenia Gravis, or pregnant/nursing patients.  If you are allergic to cows milk protein then it is recommended to not receive the Dysport® botulinum.

Besides Wrinkles Are There Other Cosmetic Uses For Botox®?

Botox® and other botulinums have many other uses beyond wrinkles. Largely unknown to the general public is that each botulinum is approved by the FDA for specific indications but are commonly used for off-label uses very safely.  Dr. Burroughs often informs that “off-label is not illegal, “ and oftentimes the best uses are actually off-label.  Several other uses include help for scars, depression, and displeasing facial expressions (e.g., angry, sad, “resting b#!#* face”).  Botulinums can also help with facial pore size, oily breakout-prone skin, and skin quality.

When Will I See The Results Of Botox®?

Botox® injection results begin to be seen by 48-72 hours.  Peak results occur at about 10-14 days in most patients.

Are There Risks With Botox®?

Botox® is a neurotoxin only used in micro-dosed amounts, so is very safe.  Dr. Burroughs and Melissa at Springs Aesthetics only use real botulinum wrinkle blockers from the manufacturers to ensure the quality and safety.  Dr. Burroughs has never seen a serious complication from botulinums. The most common, though mostly rare, adverse event of injections is bruising.  Rarely the botulinum can spread too much and cause temporary tissue drooping. Botulinums should not be given if you are pregnant, nursing, or have certain neurologic conditions (e.g., myasthenia gravis, ALS, Eaton-Lambert).

How Much Does Botox® Cost?

Call our office for pricing. The number units needed can be explained during the consultation upon request. If you would like to make monthly payments for your Botox® injections, we work with CareCredit® and Alphaeon® as financing options.  Placement of the units is critical for the effect whereas longevity of the result is mostly based upon the appropriate dosing (number of units).  Again, most important is the injector and their technique.  Each visit may not require the exact same number of units or fine-tuned anatomic placement as interval injections begin to improve main concern areas and then injection variation is needed for best result.

Am I a Candidate for Botox®?

If you have frown lines and no history of an adverse reaction from neuromodulators, you may be a good candidate for Botox® injections.  More extensive methods of correcting your frown lines may be required if you have advanced skin laxity that could diminish the results of your Botox® treatment.

How is Botox® Performed?

Botox® is an injectable product that is administered via needle. The product is injected at several points along the muscles that control your facial expressions. The needle is very small, and you may feel only a slight prick on your skin. If you find that the procedure is too uncomfortable, we can provide laughing gas (Pro-Nox) at a nominal cost to help you relax.  Topical anesthesia can be used upon request but is not usually required and may diminish your results.  Oftentimes distraction techniques (e.g. tapping) can work better without impacting the results than topical anesthetic.

What is Recovery Like After Botox®?

You can immediately return to your normal activities after your Botox® injections. For the first few days, you may have some minor tenderness and swelling at each injection site. You can lightly apply a cold compress in the evening after your Botox® injections, but you will need to avoid placing any type of pressure on the area or massaging the area.

What if I bruise?  How Can I Reduce Bruising?

This can rarely happen.  Steps you can take to reduce/avoid bruising are to avoid aspirin, NSAIDS (e.g, motrin), fish oil and supplements at least 5 days prior to injections.  Alastin Skincare® Nectar use a week before injections can boost arnica levels in the skin 50x, which is higher than any other product or application.  Arnica is a known reducer of bruising, but commonly available oral and topical forms are nowhere near as helpful as the Alastin Skincare® Nectar available at Springs Aesthetics.  Springs Aesthetics has good coverup makeup, and if you develop a dark bruise we offer complimentary treatments with IPL (intense pulse light) that rapidly speeds resolution in addition to its other benefits for uneven pigment or redness of the face.

How Long Will Botox® Results Last?

In most cases, the results of Botox® injections last three to four months, but we have seen results last as long as six months or greater when dosed higher. Dr. Burroughs will schedule follow-up appointments with one of our aestheticians to monitor the results and decide the best time for a follow-up treatment.

Can I Get Other Treatments With Botox®?

Yes.  In fact wrinkle blocker injections can be useful before surgery and energy-based skin resurfacing.  Wrinkle fillers (dermal fillers) can last longer when the muscles around the wrinkles, folds are relaxed so that the filler is not acted upon as much and therefore improve longevity.  Wrinkle blocker injections can subtly improve contours, but dermal fillers are more optimal for facial contouring.  Simply put, wrinkle blockers don’t add volume to areas of the face that need volume, so fillers are required to achieve the best youthful and ideal cosmetic appearance.

Why Should I Get My Botox® at Springs Aesthetics?

At Springs Aesthetics we care first about safety, quickly followed by results and experience.  Dr. Burroughs is an invited speaker at cosmetic symposia to teach his techniques and a published author in textbooks about these injection techniques.  Dr. Burroughs is one of the most experienced advanced injectors in Colorado.  Dr. Burroughs has largely passed his injectables practice to Melissa, our nurse injector, as he trained her and trusts her safety and results.  Melissa has developed a very large clientele because of her integrity, professionalism, artistic natural results, “soft” mostly painless technique, and she makes the experience fun and enjoyable.  If you get a bruise, we provide a free treatment of intense pulsed light to speed the resolution.  We also have on-site cover up makeup if needed before you head out.  We are skincare and beauty specialists and know how to provide the results you are looking for.  Springs Aesthetics is your go to place if you care about safe and reliably results.  We properly reconstitute our botulinums and never hyper-dilute or inject illegal products from questionable sources.  We intimately understand facial anatomy and the underlying muscles and never inject in a cookie-cutter or hasty manner.  If a client requires more wrinkle blocker to treated areas after 2 weeks we provide this touchup at our own botulinum purchase cost.   Dr. Burroughs covers or has coverage 24/7 for the entire Springs Aesthetics practice.  We are not a “hole-in-the wall” injection site without aesthetic medical supervision.  We don’t over promote or over discount as we have built up state-wide reputation that ensures trust that we will safely take care of you.

If, however, you want a cheap “groupon” result then seek a cheap “groupon” injector.  Oftentimes, these discount injectors are poorly trained, may inject illegal unsafe products, give an inferior experience, have little to no medical coverage if a complication should arise, and typically do not have a cosmetic physician medical director onsite.  Wrinkle blocker injections are medical procedures and should only be performed by appropriately trained, competent injectors, and in a safe medical environment.  Medical procedures and surgery are not areas you should seek by finding the cheapest option.  If you want Springs Aesthetics results by Dr. John Burroughs or Nurse Melissa then pay a bit more and get the experience, safety, and results you deserve and want.  We build relationships with our patients, so we know you and your anatomy instead of someone new every time you get injections.  This is similar to finding a hair stylist that you trust and understand rather than by finding someone by the promotion they are offering, and then switching the next time you need your hair done for the discount available.

Frown lines develop in the upper part of your face and make you look angry and tired all the time. Dr. John Burroughs and our nurse injector Melissa (MK) of Springs Aesthetics offer Botox® for men and women in Colorado Springs, South Denver, Castle Rock and other areas of Colorado. With over 20 years experience in ophthalmic plastic surgery, Dr. Burroughs travels around the world, teaching injection best practices and techniques.  Melissa has been trained by Dr. Burroughs, additionally certified as a nurse injector, and regularly attends cosmetic symposia to keep improving upon her artistry.