Filler Blepharoplasty

Dr. Burroughs is extremely passionate about helping patients look their best through eyelid surgery.  However, some patients are not ready nor want eyelid surgery at certain times in their lives.  This can include cost issues, lack of time for recovery, or fear of surgery.  Dr. Burroughs still cares for this group of patients seeking aesthetic improvements of their eyes.  These patients wish to have the focal point of their faces look the best they can as the work market place has become more competitive with aging workers continuing their careers longer than ever.  They wish to compete with a younger work force, and studies have shown that more attractive patients are more often hired, find better cooperation, and are more commonly promoted in their respective vocations.  Fair or not it is a reality that can be improved.  There is also a growing paradigm shift away from cosmetic surgery to less invasive treatments.  Dr. Burroughs began using fillers 15 years ago, and began using dermal fillers around the eyes shortly thereafter.

Filler Blepharoplasty, Garden of the Gods, Colorado

What is a Filler Blepharoplasty?

Hyaluronic acid fillers (e.g., Restylane, Belotero, and others) can be injected to the midface/cheek tissues, lower eyelids, upper eyelids, brows, and temples to improve the appearance of the eyes and and periocular region, which is arguably the most important feature of our faces.  Improvement and restoration of aesthetic contours can be obtained without surgery.  The hollows under eyes can filled smoothing and providing a more youthful transition to the eyelid-cheek junction.  The midface can be built up to improve the appearance of beautiful “cheek bones, ” and better support the lower eyelids improving fat bags, hollows, and eyelid wrinkles.  In the upper eyelids, unwanted sulcus depressions can be improved.  When injected into the lateral brow tissues, the brows can be gently lifted and contour-shape improvements can be obtained.  These brow improvements can improve the lateral sub-brow area that women for centuries have known to enhance with makeup.  Restoration of brow fullness can be obtained and restoration of an aesthetic feminine brow shape obtained.

Why Have Dr. Burroughs Inject Filler Around Your Eyes?

Beauty by Burroughs

Dr. Burroughs has worked for years to perfect dermal filler techniques to as safely and effectively to improve the appearance of the eyes.  Dr. Burroughs predominantly performs and recommends using a large-bore cannula to increase the safety and comfort of injecting filler around the eyes.  This lessens bruising and minimizes the risk of vision loss by injecting one of the many blood vessels around the eyes.  Reports of blindness around the globe have been reported with cosmetic filler and fat injections around the face mostly through needles or small-bore cannulas that act like needles.  The eye region is a high risk for this, so an ophthalmologist/oculofacial plastic surgeon is ideally suited to perform these injections because of their expert knowledge of the anatomy around the eyes.

He has taught his techniques abroad and at many national cosmetic meetings as an invited faculty member.  Dr. Burroughs has also published his techniques for periocular filler injections.  Dr. Burroughs performs filler blepharoplasties on a weekly basis when indicated or desired by a patient.  In fact, Dr. Burroughs has determined that the very best eyelids surgical results may require postop filler injections.  Sometimes deep hollows under the eyes can only or most effectively improved by adding volume with fat (transposed if enough, or autologous sources) or dermal hyaluronic acid fillers.

Dr. Burroughs has also improved suboptimal post-surgical results from excessive removal of fat under the eyes from both referred patients and self-referring patients displeased with their surgical results.  This can dramatically improve a displeasing result to improve patient satisfaction by optimizing the cosmetic result.  Rarely, retracted lower eyelids can non-surgically be helped by injecting filler in the proper plane to help lift the lower eyelid upward.

Dr. Burroughs is referred and has treated non-vision related filler complications or displeasing results from all over the U.S.  Dr. Burroughs also performs, what he has “coined,” “filler sculpting” of previously injected fillers using enzyme (hyaluronidase) to reduce displeasing overfilled areas, surrounding swelling, and contour abnormalities from filler.  Dr. Burroughs has been referred numerous patients from other injectors because of his expertise in this.  Hyaluronic acid fillers can also be fully dissolved using this same enzyme that has been used by ophthalmologists around the eyes for decades.

Dr. Burroughs is a constant life-long learner studying and applying the best techniques and hyaluronic acid fillers across multiple manufacturers.  Dr. Burroughs always keeps many vials of hyaluronidase enzyme in his office to immediately address the rare instance of a serious complication.  Some injectors and practices don’t do this or are not aware anatomically the best way to apply inject it.

Filler Blepharoplasty Before and After Pictures Colorado Springs, CO

Are Dermal Fillers Safe to Inject Around The Eyes?

They can be safe when injected by a properly trained injector, who follows the best safety protocols.  Dr. Burroughs studies, teaches, and applies these techniques for best results and patient safety first.  A large-bore cannula (22G) is likely the safest and has very low risk of causing an intravascular injection.  The proper injection sites, planes, and avoidance of the vessel areas is key.  Typically only bruising is seen.  Rarely significant swelling can develop. Bruising, less commonly seen with cannulas, can be addressed with post-treatment IPL, which is complimentary for injections performed at Springs Aesthetics.  When you choose someone to inject anything around your eyes choose someone with expertise, integrity, and has obtained consistent excellence in this procedure.  Ask if the injector has enzyme in adequate amounts to address an emergency or has the know how and expertise to optimize an over-filled result.  This is not a procedure to take lightly and choose by price alone.  Beyond the result, do you want to jeopardize your eyesight by going to the discount injectors that have to promote and market extensively to garner patients through Groupon, Living social, and other discount sites.  Dr. Burroughs is the primary injector for dermal fillers around the eyes at Springs Aesthetics, but he has also trained a few select and trusted injectors in his practice.

Do Fillers Around The Eyes Really Work?

Fillers certainly help the appearances of the eyes when injected properly with regards to location, volume, and specific filler used.  Cosmetic eyelid surgeons are keenly contour aware of beautiful eyelid shapes and features.  Dr. Burroughs has been doing cosmetic eyelid surgery since 1996.  Dr. Burroughs is an early pioneer of dermal filler injections around the eyes, and with proper patient selection and expectations can provide amazing results that complement surgery and at times even rival it.

What Fillers Can or Should Be Injected Around the Eyes?

Dr. Burroughs carefully selects the best fillers for you to have injected around the eyes.  Dr. Burroughs only advocates reversible hyaluronic acid fillers (e.g., Restylane-L, Belotero).  New fillers keep coming to market, but the must have certain properties to be suitable around the eyes to include: easy dissolvability; complete reversibility;  low water attracting properties; longevity but smooth appearance and pliability; and low risk for discoloration (blue-gray dyschromia; “Tyndall”).  You should never have permanent fillers injected around the eyes.  Some fillers also have an apparent higher risk for nodule formation, which can be difficult to treat and includes several of the Juvederm fillers.  Not every filler in a “family” of fillers is suitable with most of the Galderma Restylane and Allergan Juvederm fillers not being optimal for the lower eyelids because of discoloration concerns or water-attracting properties.  Belotero, in Dr. Burroughs’ experience, has the lowest risk for discoloration issues in the eyelids, and can typically be injected somewhat more superficially including eyelid crows feet.  Restylane-L has about the lowest risk of causing swelling, and is very easily dissolved if needed.

For more than 20 years, Dr. John Burroughs has helped men, women, and children in Texas, Florida, Utah, and Colorado. He is referred from within Colorado Springs and areas including South Denver, Castle Rock, Pueblo, and areas outside of Colorado, and even rarely internationally, by providing exceptional care in plastic surgery and eyelid surgery. At his practice, he also offers medical spa treatments performed by aestheticians and physician extenders (nurses), which complement and can speed healing. To learn more about blepharoplasty eyelid surgery or filler blepharoplasty, contact us today to schedule a consultation.