Filler Rhinoplasty by Dr. John Burroughs

This patient had never been pleased with her bulbous nose tip that was very broad at the tip and the nasal “swoop” instead of a nice bridge.  She had a syringe of Restylane Lyft hyaluronic acid filler injection using a 22G cannula to improve and reshape her nose.  She was delighted with her immediate results, no bruising, and no downtime.  She liked that she now had a nasal bridge instead of the swoop and the filler especially in straight-forward gaze made her displeasing bulbous nose tip look more narrow. Results can last for a year.  Nose injections can be higher risk than other areas of the face, so seeking an injection by a well-trained qualified specialist is key not only for an optimal result but also in the safest manner possible.

The 22G cannula is used by Dr. Burroughs because it is safer, more comfortable, and lessens bruising risks.  It’s safer as it is of sufficient size to minimize the risk of a direct injection into a blood vessel that could cause skin necrosis or even blindness.  Dr. Burroughs prefers to use Restylane Lyft for the nose because of its higher G’ (stiffness) and because it can be readily dissolved with hyaluronidase enzyme in the event of blockage of blood flow.  Patients should always be able to have filler dissolved with enzyme and should ask the person injecting them if enzyme is on site.  Hyaluronic acid fillers are all dissolvable with enzyme, but some fillers like Sculptra and Radiesse are not.  For these reason, Dr. Burroughs only injects hyaluronic acid filler in the danger zone areas of the face especially under the eyes, nose, and glabella.  Dr. Burroughs is a sought after injection expert with 20 years of experience.  He teaches at national symposia and has published on injecting safer.  His practice has received patients as far as California and New York.