ThermiVa®: Restore your comfort, intimacy, and confidence with hormone-free feminine wellness

Over a distinguished, more than 30-year career, Dr. John R. Burroughs has developed considerable expertise in oculofacial plastic surgery. In fact, Dr. Burroughs was named among the top 5% of physicians in the United States by his peers and as part of the Best Doctors of America program. You can trust any recommendations for treatment will be made with your best interests and optimal safety, health, and aesthetics at heart. 

Additionally, Dr. Burroughs and our team at Springs Aesthetics serve Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas, and other states with comprehensive, top-shelf, non-surgical, injectable, and medical spa services.

ThermiVa® represents one of our powerful, non-surgical, and energy-based procedures. A form of “feminine rejuvenation,” it may be appropriate for women who have experienced distressing changes due to aging or life events, such as childbirth. These changes can result in muscle and tissue laxity. Such lax tissues can affect many aspects of a woman’s life, as they are associated with bladder leakage or urinary incontinence, sagging external labia, painful and unsatisfying sex, and vaginal dryness and irritation. These and other symptoms can be improved significantly, predictably, safely, and gently with ThermiVa®.

The process

ThermiVa® is a category of aesthetic treatments using radiofrequency (RF) energy. The RF energy is delivered via a special handpiece that is directed toward the targeted and lax tissues and muscles. The energy generates heat to tighten these areas and stimulate new collagen production and tissue remodeling. With time, this tough protein responsible for tissue firmness and plumpness erodes. Various environmental factors can hasten this process, notably exposure to harmful radiation from the sun’s rays and artificial sources (such as tanning beds).

 There are many benefits associated with this approach to tightening and rejuvenating intimate areas, including: 

  • Treatment is fast; each session can be completed in 15-40 minutes. The exact amount of time in treatment depends on factors such as the size of the area to be treated and the extent of tightening required. 
  • Each session is comfortable due to the gently-curved nature of the “S-shaped” applicator. Furthermore, heating is also well-managed via a “smart” thermistor tip so it heats evenly and can be shut off immediately if needed.
  • Since it is so well-tolerated, ThermiVa® does not require a numbing anesthetic for comfort.
  • ThermiVa® is safe and sterile; for instance, no handpiece is used more than once. Each applicator is unique to the patient and to the treatment session.
  • Treatment gets results, and in three “lunchtime” sessions, you may be free of the discomfort, leakage, dryness, and other concerns that brought you to Springs Aesthetics in the first place. 
  • ThermiVa® boasts a high success rate of effectively relieving the effects of vaginal and labial laxity among 95% of patients who received treatment.
  • Treatment is not associated with side effects such as scarring, infections, and organ and nerve damage. 
  • ThermiVa® represents a no-downtime procedure, as there is nothing to recover from!  Sexual intimacy can even occur as soon as you wish.
  • This therapy presents an attractive alternative to hormones for the likes of atrophic vaginitis.

Symptom improvement may be noticed very quickly but generally become noticeable after the 2nd of three treatments, and the results can be maintained for up to 9-12 months. Furthermore, you only have to visit our surgery center and med spa once or twice yearly for a single “maintenance” session. 

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