Combinational Facial Rejuvenation:  When Surgery Isn’t Enough

John R. Burroughs, M.D.
Cosmetic Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon
Medical Director, Springs Aesthetics
Colorado Springs, CO

Before and After Mini-Incision Facelift and Radiofrequency FaceTite treatment to her jowls.  Note the nice smoothening of her jawline and upper neck.

This patient wanted rejuvenation of her lower face.  She had significant drooping of her jowls.  This was gravity-related, but also she had prominent fat in her jowls.  Just lifting this area with surgery would move them up but make them still look puffy wherever they are moved to.  Many will refer to this as “chipmunk cheeks.”  In her case, radio-frequency energy was used to shrink her jowl fat.  Dr. Burroughs uses the Inmode FaceTite and Acutite devices to accomplish face tightening and to improve swelling or prominent unsightly fatty areas in the area.  This is called radiofrequency assisted lipolysis.  The advantage to this procedure over injecting deoxycholic acid (“Kybella”) is that the skin tightening also occurs from the radiofrequency and it is a “one and done” procedure with several years of tightening improvement.  Whereas Kybella can leave unevenness, requires multiple injections, potential significant swelling, and no skin tightening.

FaceTite has been used by Dr. Burroughs for over 3 years now, and is often done alone in many patients who do not wish nor need a surgical facelift.  When performed alone it can yield 50-60% improvement compared to surgery, but essentially no downtime and no general anesthesia is needed.  Patients can literally go back to work the next day if they wish.  FaceTite can last up to 3 years for the skin tightening benefit.

Dr. Burroughs’ facelift technique is also done in the office with minimal downtime.  Some patients will do this on a Friday and return to work on Monday.  Dr. Burroughs also strongly advocates medical grade skincare as healthier kin looks better and heals quicker.

Regain Your Youthful Looks with FaceTite

A sculpted jawline and neck can really allow you to appear more youthful, but to achieve that look, surgery used to be the only method available. Now, FaceTite has emerged as the latest minimally-invasive option to deliver exceptional benefits. First, there is barely any downtime, and the procedure works best for those in their mid-40s to mid-50s. A client can expect to receive an impressive 30 to 40 percent improvement in neck and jawline tightness. It’s a safe and quick procedure that lasts no longer than 40 minutes using radiofrequency energy.

How FaceTite Works

FaceTite is not a facelift, so you don’t have to worry about general anesthesia or the possibility of scarring and a long recovery time. Instead, during the in-office procedure, you are given a local anesthetic to numb the area. Your aesthetic technician will use the handheld device to send the concentrated radio frequency (RF) energy underneath your skin to firm the tissue, tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production. As a result, your jawline and neck will be sculpted and more defined.

The FaceTite device also features a monitor to safely indicate exactly how much energy is being delivered to the tissue. It continuously measures the temperature of the skin during the procedure. This makes this treatment one of the safest facial rejuvenation methods available on the market today.

For Lower Face Aging

FaceTite can tackle issues like jowls, loose skin along the jawline and a droopy neck, deep creases, and a double chin. The technology shrinks the skin with minimal bruising, and the patient can see the skin actually contracting right away during the treatment.

Skin care experts say that you will be able to drive yourself home after the procedure. Most clients don’t take more than a few days (a maximum of seven to ten) off from work due to minor swelling in the treated areas. Studies show that amazing skin tightening effects continue three to eight weeks after the treatment.

Let’s be honest. Not all of us want or are ready for a facelift, but we desire a tighter jawline. FaceTite is the modern way of achieving face and neck firming without the surgery. Clients are wowed by the fast results and minor downtime. If you’re curious about regaining your youthful looks with FaceTite, consider our team of aesthetic professionals here at Springs Aesthetics. We are conveniently located in Colorado Springs. Contact us to schedule a consultation with us today, and let’s take your appearance to a whole new age-defying level!