Combinational Facial Rejuvenation:  When Surgery Isn’t Enough

John R. Burroughs, M.D.
Cosmetic Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon
Medical Director, Springs Aesthetics
Colorado Springs, CO

This patient wanted rejuvenation of her lower face.  She had significant drooping of her jowls.  This was gravity-related, but also she had prominent fat in her jowls.  Just lifting this area with surgery would move them up but make them still look puffy wherever they are moved to.  Many will refer to this as “chipmunk cheeks.”  In her case, radio-frequency energy was used to shrink her jowl fat.  Dr. Burroughs uses the Inmode FaceTite and Acutite devices to accomplish face tightening and to improve swelling or prominent unsightly fatty areas in the area.  This is called radiofrequency assisted lipolysis.  The advantage to this procedure over injecting deoxycholic acid (“Kybella”) is that the skin tightening also occurs from the radiofrequency and it is a “one and done” procedure with several years of tightening improvement.  Whereas Kybella can leave unevenness, requires multiple injections, potential significant swelling, and no skin tightening.

FaceTite has been used by Dr. Burroughs for over 3 years now, and is often done alone in many patients who do not wish nor need a surgical facelift.  When performed alone it can yield 50-60% improvement compared to surgery, but essentially no downtime and no general anesthesia is needed.  Patients can literally go back to work the next day if they wish.  FaceTite can last up to 3 years for the skin tightening benefit.

Dr. Burroughs’ facelift technique is also done in the office with minimal downtime.  Some patients will do this on a Friday and return to work on Monday.  Dr. Burroughs also strongly advocates medical grade skincare as healthier kin looks better and heals quicker.

Do You Qualify for a Facelift?

Even though facial fillers and injectables have become extremely popular lately, they are still no replacement for a conventional facelift when you are dealing with deep wrinkles and sagging skin. Many non-surgical treatment options have limits like restricted time frames, while the facelift can offer you results lasting over a decade.

Your Consultation

Patients who are considering undergoing a facelift procedure may have as many as two consultations before undergoing surgery. The first one is for developing a complete assessment of the problem from the patient’s point of view and discussing their surgical and non-surgical treatment options to correct the situation. The second lays out a more detailed treatment plan.

Best Candidates

The procedure is certainly effective, but it is not for everyone. You may make a good candidate for the procedure if you are bothered by facial skin that is sagging and loose, especially under your jaw or chin.

We can help determine if you would make a good candidate for the procedure at your consultation. At this time, we will receive your complete medical history, evaluate the elasticity of your skin, wrinkles and folds, hairline, and bone structure. We will also discuss your expectations regarding your outcome and may take some photos.

A facelift procedure is able to correct problems with your appearance like:

  • Midface sagging
  • Deep creases found under lower eyelids
  • Displaced or fallen fat
  • Excess fatty deposits or loose skin found under the jaw and chin that leads to a double chin

Preparing for Your Surgery

Two weeks prior to your facelift procedure, we may advise you to refrain from taking certain medications like blood thinners, aspirin, and other products that could increase your risk of bleeding. You should inform us of any medications that you are currently taking including herbal supplements or dietary supplements. Just because a product is natural does not mean that it will not interfere with your surgery or recovery.

If you are a smoker, you should stop smoking prior to your procedure. This is because smoking will restrict blood supply to areas of the face that will require healing after your procedure.

Your Facelift Surgery

The procedure itself is quite simple. We begin by administering some form of anesthesia to ensure your comfort during the procedure. We will lift away skin from your face and rearrange underlying structures or remove excessive skin formations. This procedure can be combined with a brow lift or eyelid surgery to enhance your results.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you would like to learn what a facelift procedure can do to help you appear more youthful and vigorous, please speak with the professionals at Springs Aesthetics in Colorado Springs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!