When you are considering ways to look younger, don’t forget your neck area. The area tends to show signs of aging before your face. Springs Aesthetics offers neck lifts for men and women in Colorado Springs, South Denver, Castle Rock and other areas of Colorado.

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a facial plastic surgery procedure that improves the contours and skin texture of your neck area, including the area just under your jaw line and chin. The neck is often neglected when men and women are considering anti-aging surgeries, yet it can develop some of the most obvious signs of aging, such as banding of the muscles, loose skin and pockets of fat.

Why Have A Necklift By Dr. Burroughs At Springs Aesthetics?

  • Dr. Burroughs has many years of experience performing neck lifts
  • Dr. Burroughs is a master at the mini-incision facelift that has smaller incision scars, faster healing, less downtime, and can be performed comfortably and safely in an office OR without general anesthesia.  The mini incision face lift can be performed to help the upper neck, but more directed neck surgery will address this more powerfully
  • Dr. Burroughs has microsurgical skills and pays attention to detail with his experience as a board-certified ophthalmologist before completing a 2-year and very competitive oculofacial plastic surgery fellowship. No other surgical specialty has to follow the principle that “millimeters matter” more than in or around the eyes
  • Dr. Burroughs practices surgery in conjunction with the Springs Aesthetics MedSpa, which is largely unique amongst plastic surgical practices and extremely helpful for skin prep and healing adjuncts
  • Dr. Burroughs has non-invasive or minimally invasive technologies that, in suitable patients, can improve the neck without surgery
  • Springs Aesthetics will advise the best cosmeceuticals to speed healing, complement results, and protect your cosmetic investment
  • Springs Aesthetics MedSpa device treatments include several complimentary and complementary modalities to help healing. These include non-invasive radiofrequency (e.g., Forma/Evoke) that can prolong results and IPL (intense pulse light) treatments to help if prolonged redness/thickness of the incisions occurs
  • Dr. Burroughs is an expert with minimally invasive radiofrequency technologies that complement surgical results
  • Dr. Burroughs is known not only for his results, but by the Springs Aesthetics customer service and experience-based practice of cosmetic medicine and surgery
  • In the unlikely event of a problem following your surgery, you are provided Dr. Burroughs’ personal cell number
  • Dr. Burroughs is a life-long learner and attends and is even on the faculty for several prestigious cosmetic surgery meetings throughout the year. He learns from and collaborates with his colleagues to continually pursue improving as a surgeon and to offer the newest and best approaches
  • Dr. Burroughs practices with integrity and strives to educate on the full array of options to help patients make the best-informed decisions even if this means having surgery elsewhere

What is the Average Cost of a Neck Lift?

Call for pricing. Every patient is unique, and therefore the treatment plan that fits best for you is customized.  Springs Aesthetics works with CareCredit® and Alpheon® as financing options for our patients.

Am I a Candidate for a Neck Lift?

You may be a good candidate for a neck lift if you have wrinkles, sagging tissues, and creases on your neck that are caused by lax, loose skin, excess fat and changes to the underlying muscles.

What is Involved in a Neck Lift?

Dr. Burroughs is Board Certified and a Fellow of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He uses innovative techniques for the neck lift procedure that aim to maximize patient satisfaction and minimize downtime and recovery. He explains the surgical procedure that is to be used during the consultation. If you also have wrinkles and sagging in your face, Dr. Burroughs may recommend performing a combination neck lift and facelift to obtain the best, most natural, and longest lasting results.

What is Recovery From Neck Lift and Facelift Like?

Recovery from a neck lift and facelift may take a few weeks or longer, but is generally not severely painful. Rest is very important during the first five to seven days, and this is when you may have some swelling, bruising, tightness on the neck area and other symptoms.  Recovery is quicker with use of a support face-neck garment.  Springs Aesthetics will also guide on medical grade cosmeceuticals to help prepare your skin and facilitate healing.  Some spa treatments are both complimentary and complementary to help your recovery and prolong results.

Can I Have A Neck Lift Without Surgery?

Yes, some patients can and have done so.  The results will not be as full or as long lasting, but this is a popular option with many patients not having the time or desire to have surgery.  Radiofrequency skin tightening can help neck sagging and can be done with minimally invasive fat liposuction.  The neck suture suspension technique he uses contours and can powerfully improve the neck angle with multi-year duration.  Newer generation thread lifts (Silhouette InstaLift) can work well for the neck and can be done to speed a result while radiofrequency results keep improving for 6 months or longer.  The thread lift results don’t last as long in the neck (6 months) as they can in the face 12-24 months), but some patients find this a good option for them.

What are the Risks of a Neck Lift?

Any type of surgery carries some degree of risk. Infections and excessive scar tissue are the primary concern, but these risks are reduced with the techniques Dr. Burroughs utilizes.

How Long Will Neck Lift Results Last?

Each person ages at a different rate, but, on average, the results of a neck surgical lift can last up to 7 to 10 years.  Taking care of your skin with high-grade cosmeceuticals and maintaining good health and stable weight are also very important.