No scar can be permanently removed, but there are ways to make your scar less obvious. Springs Aesthetics offers laser scar revision for men and women in Colorado Springs, South Denver, Castle Rock, and other areas of Colorado.

What is Laser Scar Revision?

Laser scar revision is a treatment that restructures the scar tissue to help it blend with the surrounding skin. We treat acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, and trauma scars.  Further improvements can be obtained immediately following the treatments with either laser or even better with radiofrequency needle by applying topical medications.

This is called LADD (Laser Assisted Drug Delivery), but should perhaps be called EADD (Energy Assisted Drug Delivery).  Helpful medications include steroids (triamcinolone), 5-FU, and even botulinums.  Treatments with IPL has also been shown to help thickened, red scars to be helpful especially if started in the first 4-6 weeks following the surgery, and done monthly for up to a year if needed.  IPL treatments, however, don’t open any channels in the skin that topical medications could penetrate through.

How Much Does Laser Scar Revision Cost?

For cosmetic surgical patients, these treatments are complimentary. For insurance patients they may also be used, but carry a cost not covered by insurance. When you meet with Dr. Burroughs for a scar revision caused by surgery done elsewhere, he will recommend the best approach and develop a treatment plan. The cost of your laser scar revision will be based upon the plan. For your convenience, Springs Aesthetics offers financing options through CareCredit® and Alphaeon®, and you can apply before you meet with Dr. Burroughs.

Am I a Candidate for Laser Scar Revision?

The primary consideration for any type of scar revision is having adequate tissue to camouflage the scar. Some patients are at greater risk for scar development than others.  Following surgery with Dr. Burroughs if you are one of these patients, then he will recommend scar treatments.  This is why compliance with postop appointments is critical, so early intervention and maximal improvement can be achieved. Dr. Burroughs specializes in scar revision, and the best way to know if you are a good candidate is to schedule a consultation.

How is Laser Scar Revision Performed?

A portion of Dr. Burroughs’ practice is cosmetic revisionary surgery for patients referred from other surgeons. These surgeries include: enhancing results, repairing eyelid dysfunction, optimizing scar locations, and improving scar appearance.

It is essential to take care of scars as soon as they become prominent and of concern. Scars tend to become firmer and discolored over the first few months, and then around three to four months begin to soften and become lighter in color. Surgery is deferred until scar remodeling and maturation has completed and can be as late as a year.

Dr. Burroughs uses various techniques for scar revision, such as:

  • Laser scar revision, such as Morpheus8 and IPL photofacial
  • Surgical techniques to modify the scar
  • EADD (energy assisted drug delivery)
  • Microneedling to induce collagen production (typically for pitted scars)
  • Injections with anti-scarring agents (such as 5 fluorouacil and triamcinolone) or even botulinum
  • Topical steroid application

What is Recovery Like After Laser Scar Revision?

Surgical scar revision may require some downtime and aftercare. Laser and other other energy-based scar revisions typically have no downtime or special aftercare.

How Long Will Laser Scar Revision Results Last?

The results of your laser or energy scar revision are permanent once the maximal improvement has been achieved.. Dr. Burroughs may recommend a schedule of follow-up appointments to evaluate the tissue to see if further treatments are needed to blend the scar with the surrounding skin.

For more than 20 years, Dr. John Burroughs has helped men and women in Florida, Utah, Colorado Springs, South Denver, Castle Rock and other areas of Colorado, as well as internationally, by providing exceptional care in plastic surgery and eyelid surgery. At his practice, he also offers medical spa treatments that are performed by his aestheticians to complement procedure results and speed healing. To learn more about our laser procedures, contact us today to schedule a consultation.