Non-surgical rhinoplasty uses dermal fillers to improve the shape of your nose. Springs Aesthetics offers non-surgical rhinoplasty for men and women in Colorado Springs, South Denver, Castle Rock and other areas of Colorado.

What is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that improves the aesthetics of your nose. Dr. Burroughs uses the most advanced dermal fillers for his non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures, and the results look completely natural. Some of the reasons that men and women choose non-surgical rhinoplasty over surgical nose jobs are:

  • No downtime
  • Does not require recovery or cause extensive swelling, bruising or pain
  • Ideal for making subtle and sometimes dramatic changes to the nose
  • Can be used to fill in indentations and improve acne scars

How Much Does Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Cost?

We are best able to provide an accurate cost at the time of the consultation once Dr. Burroughs determines the types and volume of dermal fillers that are needed to create the results that you desire. Springs Aesthetics offers financing options to our patients through CareCredit® and Alphaeon®, and you can apply before the consultation.

Am I a Candidate for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Because non-surgical rhinoplasty does not change the tissue and cartilage inside your nose, Dr. Burroughs considers it to be an excellent option for patients who need minor adjustments to their nose shapes. We have rhinoplasty before and after photos that you can review during the consultation to understand how dermal fillers can be used in the nose area.

Before and After Pictures

Rhinoplasty - Before and after 01
Rhinoplasty - Before and after 02

How is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Performed?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is performed with dermal fillers that are injected into the skin with a safe large sized cannula. The only sensation that you feel is when the needle is inserted into the tissues. If you feel uncomfortable at any time during the treatment, we can apply a numbing agent to your skin. The procedure typically takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

Is a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Safe?

This procedure can be done safely, but the nose along with the glabella (frown lines), corners of the cheek-nose junction, upper nasolabial folds, and the eyes are the more dangerous areas to inject. Dr. Burroughs uses a large-bore blunt-tipped cannula, and teaches his techniques nationally and internationally to make these procedures as safe as possible. Some injectors have chosen not to learn cannula use as it takes longer, is more technically challenging, and more costly than needles. Cannulas are blunt-tipped and larger sizes are very unlikely to enter a blood vessel that could cause skin necrosis or even blindness. Smaller tipped cannulas act more like needles with higher risk of vessel penetration. The other risk is dermal filler placement around a vessel could cause compression and diminished blood flow to an area, such as the tip of the nose. This is nearly an immediate situation that may be noted by blanching, mottled skin appearance, and excessively painful. This particular issue when recognized is very readily treated and reversible flooding the area with hyaluronidase enzyme that will dissolve these fillers. Dr. Burroughs and Springs Aesthetics always keeps hyaluronidase available for these emergent situations though he and his team have never had to use it abort a vascular occlusion. Dr. Burroughs advises patients getting dermal fillers to be sure their skin is adequately cleansed and disinfected to avoid difficult to treat infections. Additionally, you should never get fillers from poorly trained injectors that don’t have hyaluronidase immediately available. Dr. Burroughs’ has personally talked with his colleague-friend Dr. Paul Nassif (Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon, surgeon on Botched TV series), and seen his talks on nasal complications from filler complications during symposia where their talks overlap. This procedure is not one that you should take carelessly by going to an unsuitable injector/office just to save money. You cannot put a price on safety, which is why Dr. Burroughs strategically implements multiple safety protocols in all the procedures he and his Spring Aesthetics MedSpa perform.

What Should I Expect During Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Recovery?

A filler rhinoplasty is an amazing procedure with its immediate in-office results. Dr. Burroughs has found it to be a very pleasing procedure for his patients with more than one becoming emotionally delighted with the improvement of a personal aesthetically displeasing feature they have lived with all their lives. Dermal fillers for a non-surgical nose job do not require downtime. Some patients notice minimal localized tenderness, bruising and swelling around each injection site. If you do have these minor symptoms, expect them to last no longer than 48 hours after the procedure. You should avoid rubbing or massaging the area for a few days to allow the dermal fillers to settle into the tissues.

How Long Will Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Last?

The longevity of a non-surgical nose job depends on which fillers are used and your specific anatomic factors as well as spectacle use. Typically, dermal filler results for non-surgical rhinoplasty can last 9 months or longer. Dr. Burroughs explains the expected outcomes of your non-surgical nose job during the consultation.

For more than 20 years, Dr. John Burroughs has helped men and women in Colorado Springs, South Denver, Castle Rock and other areas of Colorado, as well as internationally, by providing exceptional care in plastic surgery and eyelid surgery. At his practice, he also offers medical spa treatments that are performed by his aestheticians to complement procedural results and speed healing. To learn more about non-surgical rhinoplasty, contact us today to schedule a consultation.