Filler Rhinoplasty: Instant Rhinoplasty Results Without Surgery

This patient was bothered by the irregularity of her nose upon forward gaze.  Following a syringe of Restylane Lyft through a 22G cannula she was delighted with the improvement of her nose symmetry from side to side upon frontal gaze as shown below.

Upon oblique views she felt her nose looked more natural and pretty with the beak appearance improved and a smoother nasal ridge.

Shown is the side view and she is very pleased again that her bridge is more straight and less curved or “beak-like.”  Filler injected into the nose can be dangerous including skin necrosis and even blindness.  Dr. Burroughs only recommends reversible fillers in the nose like a hyaluronic acid and that it be injected with a larger-sized cannula like a 22G.  Results can last 9-12 months.