Entropion and ectropion are characterized by the in-turning and out-turning of the eyelids. Springs Aesthetics offers treatment for entropion and ectropion for men and women in Colorado Springs, South Denver, Castle Rock and other areas of Colorado.

What is Entropion?

Entropion is an eyelid disposition characterized by in-turning of the eyelids. This more often affects the lower eyelids, but some conditions can also involve the upper eyelids as well. This can be a challenging issue to address and requires expert understanding and surgical “familiarity” with eyelid tissue manipulation to achieve an effective and long-lasting cure. This most often is an age-related issue, but there are several serious eye diseases that can also be the cause, and require a careful eye exam and possible specialized tissue testing of the conjunctiva.

In age-related cases, it is characterized by laxity of the eyelid margin, over-riding orbicularis (eyelid muscle), and disinsertion of the eyelid retractors deep in the eyelid. If all three issues aren’t addressed, a long-term success won’t be achieved. Dr. Burroughs is often referred this problem from general ophthalmologists and other plastic surgeons from failed prior surgical attempts.

Entropion eye condition

What is Ectropion?

Ectropion (shown is “tarsal ectropion” – a severe form) is characterized by out-turning of the eyelid margin. It is often accompanied by simultaneous eyelid retraction or excessive “pulling” of the eyelids widely apart. It is also mostly a involutional “age-related” issue, but it can also be due to trauma, birth defects, and various skin diseases. Most commonly, it can be repaired with just a couple of properly placed sutures at the outer corner of the eyelids, but sometimes correction of lower eyelid retraction is also required, and/or skin grafting for more severe cases. Dr. Burroughs has adopted several techniques to repair this issue, and some of them can be done “invisibly” through an upper eyelid lift, thereby avoiding extra skin incisions. Shown is a before/after patient following correction of lower eyelid ectropion and retraction.

It can be easy to let either entropions or extropions affect your quality of life. Dr. Burroughs specializes in eyelid reconstruction and augmentation and can help you feel more comfortable towards your facial profile. To learn more about either of these eyelid concerns and the treatment options available to you, contact us today to schedule your consultation. Dr. Burroughs and our team would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Ectropion eye condition

For more than 20 years, Dr. John Burroughs helps men and women in Colorado Springs, South Denver, Castle Rock and other areas of Colorado, as well as internationally, by providing exceptional care in plastic surgery and eyelid surgery. At his practice, he also offers medical spa treatments that are performed by his three aestheticians. To learn more about entropion and ectropion treatment, contact us today to schedule a consultation.