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John R. Burroughs, MD
Cosmetic Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon
Medical Director, Springs Aesthetics
Colorado Springs, CO

As we age, our arms can become wrinkled and sag like many other areas of the body. They can also be an area of unwanted fat accumulation. Plastic surgery can be done to help this issue, but carries surgical risks, downtime, and expense. In the last few years, radiofrequency treatments have become a fantastic option to improve many areas of our aging bodies. Dr. Burroughs has used radiofrequency in the form of minimally invasive FaceTite applied under the skin and externally with external needling with Fractora/Morpheus. This resurfaces the overlying external skin, tightens fibrous septae, builds collagen/elastin, permanently destroys unwanted fat, and tightens the skin. Dr. Burroughs has used BodyTite on areas outside of the face and neck to include the abdomen, arms, flanks, bra-fat, and thighs.

The patient below is 2 months out from ArmTite and skin tightening with Morpheus. She has had improvement of the sagging “bat wing” skin as well as the fat and external wrinkles. This treatment continues to improve for up to 6 months, and results last 3-4 years. The tiny holes to place the Tite handpieces require no suturing. There is really no downtime, but patients are advised to wear a compression garment at night for 2 months. Minimally invasive procedures are on the rise because newer technologies work and can be done in the office setting with minimal downtime but real results. Dr. Burroughs is one of the most experienced surgeons in Colorado and has been using radiofrequency rejuvenation technology for over 3 years.

ArmTite in Colorado Springs, COArmTite in Colorado Springs, CO