Even with a healthy diet and exercise routine, stubborn fat and cellulite can be difficult to get rid of. We offer BodyFX® radiofrequency treatments for patients in Colorado Springs, South Denver, Castle Rock, and the surrounding areas of Colorado.

What is BodyFX®?

a body contouring, cellulite fat reduction, and skin tightening machine. BodyFX® is a long-lasting, non-invasive solution to reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite leading to improvements in your body contour and shape. It is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment which is an alternative or can be done in addition to liposuction.

BodyFX® uses radiofrequency heat to destroy fat and cellulite, providing non-invasive fat reduction without surgery. It also tightens skin, which is something CoolSculpting® does not. BodyFx® uses newer radiofrequency heat technology that carries less risks of nerve damage and post-treatment pain.

What are The Benefits of BodyFX®?

BodyFX® improves the appearance cellulite areas.  It reduces unwanted skin dimpling and tightens and improves elasticity.  Popular areas to treat are the abdomen, love handles, hips, thighs and others.

How Many Treatments of BodyFX® Are Required?

BodyFX® treatments take about 25 minutes per treatment area and it is recommended that weekly sessions are performed over 6-8 treatments to achieve desired results. It is effective on neck fat, arm fat, back fat, belly fat, thigh/buttocks, and other areas of concern. It also is effective for areas of cellulite. BodyFX® is completely non-invasive and has no downtime.

Should You Choose BodyFX® or CoolSculpting®?

Dr. Burroughs carefully researched and chose BodyFX® over CoolSculpting® for many reasons. When he evaluates new technologies for his practice at Springs Aesthetics, he looks for technology that is safe, effective, comfortable, and reproducible. BodyFX® met that criteria. It is a newer, safe, state-of-the-art, long-lasting, non-invasive solution for fat reduction and body contouring.

Making use of radio frequency energy, deep tissue heating, and light vacuum pressure, the BodyFX® applicator distributes heat to the skin and underlying fat, causing the tissue to heat and contract to tighten the skin and melt fat cells over time. It is safe to use on all parts of the body with stubborn fat reserves, BodyFX® melts fat cells and can provide, in suitable candidates, a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. BodyFX® can even be used for neck fat.

Neither BodyFX® nor CoolSculpting® are alternatives or a substitute for weight loss.  However, BodyFX® is ideal for stubborn fat areas and can be useful along the weight loss journey because of its skin tightening benefits especially for cellulite in hard to target areas for slimming.  CoolSculpting® utilizes older technology with cold to cause a slower loss of fat cells. It has been more fraught with adverse events and less optimal treatment results. A helpful summary table is provided below with the advantages highlighted in bold.

Before and After Pictures

BodyFx- Before and after 01
BodyFx- Before and after 02

BodyFX vs CoolSculpting

Can Customize Treatments To Offer Body Shape and ContouringLess Customizable
Destroys Fat Cells via radiofrequency heat induced apoptotic cell deathSlow Fat Cell Loss through cold-induced crystallization of fat cells
Warm Heat, Vacuum SensationExtreme Cold & Pressure that can be quite uncomfortable
Destroys Fat Cells via radiofrequency heat-induced apoptotic cell deathTypically Unattended
Skin Tightening OccursNo skin tightening and can get looser skin
15-30 minutes per treatment1 hour per applicator site
Results as fast as 6 weeks with Best Results at 2-4 months improving up to 6 months3-4 months
Can Improve Cellulite AppearanceNot Recommended For Cellulite
Smooth ResultsCan Have Step-Offs and Unevenness
Series of 8 treatments spaced a week apart1-2 Treatments for each applicator site
Maintenance can be done 3-4 times yearlyAdditional Treatments 2-4 months after last cycle
Priced per area with 2nd and additional areas at 50% offCharged per applicator
No downtimeSignificant bruising can occur and swelling, and bloating can last up to a month. Temporary blanching, redness, and soreness for 2-7 days. 2-6 weeks of numbness. Rare nerve pain that can persist.
No significant or long-term complicationsPotential skin damage, ulceration, scarring, prolonged nerve discomfort, and permanent visible step-offs and depressions
BodyFX is the winner

BodyFX - Cellulite and Fat Reduction at Springs Aesthetics, Colorado Springs

BodyFX - Cellulite and Fat Reduction at Springs Aesthetics, Colorado Springs

How Much Does BodyFX® Cost?

The cost of BodyFX® is determined on a patient-by-patient basis, depending on the size of area to be treated and your desired results. Springs Aesthetics offers multiple payment options, including financing through CareCredit® and Alphaeon®. Our aesthetician and team will discuss your payment options during your consultation.

How Quickly Will I See The Results of BodyFX®?

Results are seen after the first treatment for fat and cellulite while skin tightening effects take more time and reach peak improvement at 6-12 months. Gradual improvements in the treatment area can be seen following the first few treatments with the skins surface feeling smoother and softer immediately.

Can I do BodyFX® If I’m Going To Lose Weight?

Yes, but you may need to do more treatments depending upon the needs of your particular body and the skin tightening needed to keep up with the weight loss.  BodyFX® won’t cause weight loss but can be useful as you achieve some improved shaping and contouring during the weight loss.  Extreme amounts of weight loss may require skin excision or other surgery for larger amounts of tightening.

Can I Use Skincare Products While Doing BodyFX® Treatments?

Yes.  You should and you can.  You skin needs to be completely clean and dry before treatments.   You should always use sunblock to exposed areas of your skin to help it remain healthy, age better, and minimize skin cancer risks anyway.  Otherwise, following treatments you can use moisturizer and other skincare as you wish.  One of our most popular products is Alastin Transform Body. This is an amazing product that you can think of as “contour in a bottle.”  It is very useful for patient’s losing weight or in maintenance mode as it reduces skin crepiness, enhances collage production needed for tightening, provides hydration, and firming (tone) to areas of concern.

What Can I Expect When Getting BodyFX®?

Body FX uses a combination of different clinically proven modalities including radiofrequency energy, deep tissue heating and suction coupled negative pressure (vacuum). The radio-frequency energy distributes heat into the targeted tissue and underlying fat causing the tissues to heat and contract. Once the target tissue reaches temperature, a second energy pulse is delivered responsible for killing the fat cell. The treatment area is a 6 x 6 inches with application of 10 minutes of continuous energy consistently maintaining a certain temperature that will destroy fat cell. The heating effect stimulates collagen which helps to tighten skin while the secondary pulse improves cellulite appearance and targets localized fat deposits. The vacuum and controlled energy pulses work synergistically to provide beautiful body contouring results and a percent of fat reduction with each treatment.

Is BodyFX® Treatment Safe?

A series of RF energy is delivered be a succession of pulses at 1 million cycles per second. While this may sound intense, it is very safe. To maximize comfort, the body’s temperature is constantly monitored, with ongoing accurate feedback of the skin’s temperature, this thermal monitoring provides the utmost in temperature control.  Burns are very rare, and none of our patients treated at Springs Aesthetics have had any serious burns or other issues.  A few hours of redness and warmth is typical.

Does it Hurt to Get BodyFX®?

Most users find the BodyFX comfortable. During treatment you can expect a warming of your skin, and gentle pulling/stretching sensation as the radio frequency and vacuum work to smooth out unwanted stubborn pockets of fat.  A key to comfort is to maintain the needed temperature across the treatment area and to keep the handpiece in good contact with the skin while minimizing time between movement of the handpiece to adjacent areas within the same treatment zone.  Rarely, patients can opt to utilize Pro-Nox, laughing gas, which makes the treatments more tolerable should discomfort arise.  The nitrous gas wears off within 10 minutes after discontinued, so you can then drive yourself safely home any time after that.

Is There Any Downtime with BodyFX®?

For best results, BodyFX® treatments should be undertaken weekly over an eight-week period. There is no downtime for BodyFX®. During treatment, you may expect a warming of the skin that is the equivalent to the sensation of a deep tissue massage and when done quickly and properly is very tolerable, and laughing gas can be used with your treatments if you choose to make it an easier experience.  You may notice some slight redness/warmth in the treated area post treatment for a few hours, but there is otherwise no downtime.  Very rarely, bruising can occur and will clear on its own or be sped up if it becomes dark with our IPL (intense pulse light) bruise treatments, which is included if needed with your package cost.  Since 2015, Springs Aesthetics has been using BodyFX® with no complications and a high success rate. Additional information and before and afters can be found by clicking here.