True beauty comes from within, but an unwanted feature or a mismatch between how one feels and how they look can impact quality of life. Makeup, hair style-color, diet, and exercise are great steps, but moving beyond self-efforts is where a trusted partnership becomes essential. Ever increasing options including medical grade facials and skin care, non-invasive treatments, lasers, microneedling, injectables, minimally invasive, and surgery are available to improve, correct or restore one’s appearance. We educate to empower one to choose what is best for them, whether they are just beginning or are well along their self-improvement path. We truly care about people and that a very positive experience pairs with great results. Our satisfaction comes from helping others, in a professional and nurturing manner, achieve natural and long-lasting beauty. We define beauty as a balance between a healthy inner self and an external appearance that helps one to feel approachable, attractive, and vibrant. This is Beauty by Burroughs.

$199 Per Month
6 month commitment

One Skincare Service Per Month

• Signature Hydrafacial + Dermaplane
• Dermalinfusion + Dermaplane
• Age-Defying Facial
• Brightening Facial
• Clear Facial
• Nourish and Hydrate Facial

10% Off Retail Products

• Skinceuticals
• Alastin Skincare

10% Off Spa Packages

• Laser Hair Removal
• Photofacials
• Microneedling
• Spa-RF Skin Tightening/Fat Reduction
• Evoke Face/Neck Tightening

10% Off Nurse Injectables

• Fillers & Wrinkle Blockers
• Threads Are Excluded

Birthday Month Perk

• Hydrafacial Deluxe, Upgrade

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